5 Things To Remember Before Heading Towards Your Dream Travel.


No matter how many travel books you’ve read or journey pictures you have seen, it’s exciting to think about getting your feet to experience the real adventure outside whether alone or with your friends. It’s truly scary and mind-boggling to go for a trip especially if you’re alone, and that’s perfectly normal. But once you get the hang of it, you can definitely say that everything about it is just a piece of cake.

Here at Vacation Place Finder, we aim to help you feel convenient on your first travel. We have conducted a survey to experienced backpackers of what needs to be checked before the most awaited date. We have created a simple guide of what to do before traveling.




  • Be Familiarized

Get knowledgeable on your desired travel destinations by checking out Vacation Place Finder. Always do a quick research of the place and what travel experience it offers. In this way, you can set and prioritize which place to go first. For overseas travel, check all the prerequisite your country of destination requires. Once you have decided which journey to take, always book ahead of schedule, ideally two to three months earlier, for a chance of getting promotional fares and rentals.


  • Build A List of Activities To Try

Create a draft of the places to see and activities you want to venture during the length of your vacation. You also need to have an estimated cost for each adventure so you can set a budget to avoid overspending.


  • Inspect Your Pre And Post-Flight List

You also have to create your From and To Pre-Flight vacation travel checklist. Always make sure to pick and pack everything on the list. From-Pre-Flight Checklist will be consist of your overseas travel documents, plane tickets and rental receipts, and phone book. You also need to have an emergency kit/bag including medicines, a small flashlight, a spare shirt and a charged phone battery and must be carried on a separate backpack in case of emergency. To-Pre-Flight Checklist is likely the same with an addition of souvenirs in case you have to bring some stuff from vacation.

  • Stick With Your Draft

As much as possible, follow the list you created but minor changes will be fine. Before starting your adventure, make sure to stock food supplies for you to save from extra expenses. You may also check the suggested and budget-friendly restaurants listed at Vacation Place Finder for options. Once you find what suits your taste, you need to proceed on the last on the guide.


  • Enjoy Your Vacation

Always make the most out of your travel vacation. You have to spend it as if it will be your last travel. We always have to make the best memories and experiences on each journey we take.


We hope these tips help you. Have a safe trip!